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Business Matching

Business Matching at IBDexpo 2018 will help sourcing new buyers, identify potential business partners, and expand the business to an international level. We pre-arrange appointments for exhibitors to meet with desired trade buyers so exhibitors can start business negotiations immediately. Exhibitors will be connected with the right business partners locally and globally, thereby generating new business opportunities.

Business Matching advantage

  • Exhibitors take advantage of the unique Business Matching System and free rooms for booking on-site business meetings (first come, first serve), and for free!
  • According to your business needs, we will find you potential partners with a confirmed interest. After that, we can help you meet the recommended companies so that you can start business negotiations immediately.
  • Covering a wide spectrum of industries and sectors, we match you to Indonesia SOEs directly.
  • Business Matching Lounge will consist of 30 business matching spots
  • Each business matching limited to 30 minutes
  • Appointment arrangement

(Please take note that organisers will be verifying all registrations in order to ensure quality connections. Only verified accounts will be able to use the platform.)

For more information about the Business Matching, please contact the Business Matching committee at (bms@ibdexpo.com)