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IBDexpo 2018: Director of Commercial and Business Development LKBN ANTARA Hempi N Prajudi as the chief of organizing committee of IBDexpo 2018, President Director of Balai Pustaka Saiful Bahri and Director of Finance, General and Human Resources of Perum Percetakan Negara Republik Indonesia Satrio Sigit Wirjawan provide socialization of the exhibition of Development and Business Indonesia or IBDexpo to SOEs Company Secretaries Forum at the Ministry of SOEs, Jakarta, Monday (17/4). The exhibition organized by the Ministry of SOEs by displaying various products and services of BUMN,

The implementation of IBDexpo 2018 with the theme: "Synergy for The Nation" is National Publishing and News Corporation (NPNC), which is a synergy of SOEs company consisting of Perum LKBN Antara, PT. Balai Pustaka and Perum PNRI (Percetakan Negara Republik Indonesia).

For this year, organizer is targeting 90,000 visitors to attend IBDexpo 2018.

"The translation of frog jumps is defined as showing more business development expo, international scale with the aim to enable them to invest in Indonesia, for a wider participation not only from SOEs, but Private and BUMD or subsidiaries, business transactions, showing SOEs works in advance of technology , broader target audience, showing in digital base activites / e-commerce, best innovation product, development of creative home of state-owned, SOEs new product / service launching, promotion of product / service sales of SOEs during exhibition" said Hempi N. Prajudi.

"The purpose of IBDexpo is to introduce the role of the work achievements that have been achieved by SOEs. So hopefully participation in the event IBDexpo to bring closer to the community" said Saiful Bahri.

The hope in this socialization of IBDexpo 2018 is the participation of all state-owned enterprises (BUMN), subsidiary companies, partners of state-owned companies, and partners in IBDexpo, sponsors of expo activities such as e-commerce seminars, featuring the best products, new products / services launching, SOE's work in the context of "BUMN Hadir untuk Negeri" (SOEs Present for the country) and its role in developing 3T areas (according to the Nawacita Program), helped promote IBDexpo as it will be an annual event for SOEs.